Association Information:

      IAIP is developing leaders, influencing careers and connecting members through providing enhanced education, building strong, dynamic communities, and delivering exceptional resources for members.


     Membership is an investment in your career! Insurance Professionals offers a community of industry professionals, professional education, and leadership development so members can gain industry knowledge, leadership skills and the confidence to successfully advance in the industry. Insurance Professionals strives to be known as the premier provider of leadership development education to its members.


Something about our make-up:

     IAIP is structed in (4) four levels - International, Region, State and Local.  Charlotte is one of (7) seven local associations within North Carolina.  North Carolina is (1) one of (5) five states in our Region.  Region II, is one of (9) nine regions Internationally.


At the International level we have a President, Vice President and Secretary

At the Regional level we have a Regional Vice President within each Region

At the state level we have a council (all states do not have a council) comprised of a President, President-Elect, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary

At the local level we have a President, President-Elect, Treasurer and Secretary - some associations also have a Vice President depending on how their by laws read.

     Each group should have by laws and standing rules - this is to maintain order and ensure everyone has an opportunity to speak and be heard.  It is also a guide on how the association will handle committees, various events and any issues that might arrise.  It is a guide and as with any guide there maybe exceptions or slight 'bending' of the words.  IAIP is dedicated to 'education, networking and community' - deeply involved in giving back to our communities.