Mrs. Willie Hood White, an outstanding lady and insurance professional, was responsible for the organization of the Charlotte Association of Insurance Women. She read of the formation of the National Association of Insurance Women and felt that such an association would be beneficial to the Insurance Industry in Charlotte. Plans were laid and with the cooperation of the Industry, the first organizational meeting was held November 26, 1941 at Thacker's Restaurant with fifty (50) Charter Members.

     Mrs. White was selected the first President of the Charlotte Association serving from November 26, 1941 till May 31, 1943. During the intervening years, the groundwork laid by Willie Hood White has done much to enhance the professional standing of the career woman in the field of Insurance.

     As a result of the organization of the association, education has been a main interest and many courses have been sponsored for our members' benefit and improvement, especially in the area of insurance. The association has also given many educational scholarships at the local universities to help worthy young people entering into our industry.

     Many acts of community service have been carried out at nursing homes, hospitals, families in need, March of Dimes and Heart Fund projects to name a few.  Safety has been a strong point in the association and the industry; Fire Prevention, School and Home Safety, Lock Your Car and Medicine Cabinet Clean-Out are among the projects carried out to make our community a safer one in which to live and work.

     Willie Hood White began a group that has continued in her path, a path to enhance and strengthen our members, our industry and our community.

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Charlotte, NC

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